Paroles Stop boasting – BélO

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Stop boasting brother
Let them praise you, but don’t you do
Stop boasting brother
Keep silence and do what you got to do
Stop boasting brother
Let the Lord raise you
Stop boasting brother
Keep silence and do…
Verse 1
Tell me what you have that you did not receive
And if you received it why do you boast?
Do you know if you do so, you’ll be deceived?
Even Jah Jah tell us not to boast, I say !
What goes around, must come around
The Life we’re living is like a boomerang
What goes up must come down
Maybe one day you will find yourself down
Verse 2
You boast for the nice song that you wrote
But all inspirations are from above
Why don’t we take our time to thank the lord?
For we brought nothing into this world
If we think we are something
While we are nothing
We sound like heavy clouds no rain
Don’t boast about tomorrow
Cause you know nothing about what’s coming
Instead of boasting
You better appreciate what you have
Is Not that we don’t comprehen quit enouth
To claim anything for ourselves
Our competence comes from the lord.
Nothing is new in this world.

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